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Are you tired of using conventional heating methods in your home? Perhaps your furnace has broken down one too many times and the cost of repairs is starting to become overwhelming. Radiant heating offers a great alternative!

Radiant heating distributes heat by heating a surface, which then radiates out into the rest of the room. We can install your radiant heating system on the walls, under floors, and even ceilings.

Why should I consider radiant heating?

For one, it’s comfier! Traditional heating methods heat the air around you, but once you step on the floor, it can feel like your foot is freezing.

With radiant heating, the floor or walls get warm first, plus you don’t have to worry about annoying drafts and air contaminants coming in from the cold outdoors to ruin the indoor air quality.

Radiant heating is also much quieter than standard heaters. Most importantly, you get to enjoy better energy efficiency since there are no air ducts required to distribute the heat throughout your living space.

Local AC Repair Contractors Serving Richardson, TX

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